Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Frightful Halloween....

A frightful Halloween is correct! Make a plan, they say. Allow yourself a treat, they say. Everything goes better with a plan, they say! Well I'd like to meet this famous they and give them a piece of my mind....

I made a plan. It was to have a bottle of vino with my dinner on Friday night. I was even going to make spritzers. Such a good girl am I, I decided that I would do the same on Sunday night in my other friends house. So when I went to Tesco and saw the Pinto Gricio that I like on special, I bought two!

That was flaw number one in the plan.

I made a wonderful Prawn Nachos (9 points thank you very much) for dinner. It was delicious. I drank the wine, sans spritzer... (flaw two). Then sure the party mood took over and I drank the second bottle. And when we ran out of Vino, it was decided that we would head to Wrights for a dance (the Final Flaw).

Who's decision it was to go dancing is a little bit on the sketchy side. My friend says it was mine. I say, I had a plan, and Wrights was not part of said plan, so I really don't believe that I would go so far away from the plan (eh???? See Flaw 2 for verification of ability to deter from plans)...

Regardless of who's decision it was / what plans were or were not made, we went to Wrights. There were Jager bombs (I DREAD to think of the pro points in those badboys and I use the word plural indicating there was more than one!)

Upon waking up the following morning feeling like I'd been hit by a bus and looking like a sniper wouldn't take me out, I proceeded to blame the wine and my friends bad influence. Mainly because, I had a Plan and they say a plan makes it all go right!

Saturday was spent in an terrible state of 'the fear' induced by the vino. I didn't eat a lot on Saturday. Probably down to the mix of Vino and Jager Bombs.

Sunday went considerably better. This time the plan was to drink a few largers. Not eat takeaways and not make a holy bloody show of myself. I stuck to the plan this time.

Next year I'll remember to be afraid of the Halloween spirits!!!!

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