Monday, November 14, 2011

Danger! Danger! Self Destruct in T Minus....

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It would appear that my finger is hovering dangerously close to my self destruct button!

I have totally and utterly blown today. I have no idea what has gotten into me at all! I had my meals all planned out. I had my 1 ProPoint soup and was prepared with a plan. Lunch came and what did I do. I ignored my soup and instead I ate:

1 Granola Bar (5 points)
1 Packet of Hula Hoops (which are five ProPoints and you might just say that I locked the gate after that particular horse bolted because I calculated the ProPoints AFTER I ate the blood things)
1 packet of Popcorn (that was in my meal plan and it was a 15g packet and were only 2 points)
3 Weight watchers Crackers with butter and jam (3 points in total)

So adding it all up I ate 15 ProPoints at lunch and actually ate nothing at all!! Instead of sticking to a planned 4 ProPoints lunch of soup, yogurt and fruit!

Somebody help me remove that self destruct! Quick, before Rachbomb blows it!

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