Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to deal with stress????

How to deal with stress... I swear, this last week has been as mental as a box of frogs! Busy busy busy...

Apparently these are the steps to dealing with stress..

I personally used to like dealing with it by eating my weight (which was considerably more than it is now) in fizzy jellies, crisps and, just for good measure, chocolate.  All usually consumed after drinking copious amounts of Vino and smoking 20 Marlborough Lights (or more!)

Then I started running and what partaking in exercise and more movement in general, and found that really helped deal with anything that was stressing me and made me less inclined to hit the fridge / sweet shop / off licence / fags / all the above!

Now though, I can't run or over exert the aul joints. So I don't really know how to deal with stress. Suggestions are welcome of course.  Today, I decided that the only thing I could do was start laughing.  I literally just started laughing at all that was stressing me and came to the concussion (yes, concussion because I am not known for 'ratinonal thinking' and may have been banged on my head) that stressing about what I can't control is not a productive pass time.

Thankfully, this stressed out day did not see me reaching for the usual treats. And as much as I wanted to go into KFC in the Pavilion today and order myself a family bucket and eat it all to myself, I didn't.  Instead, I took this photo, heard my first Christmas song of the year and came home and had a bowl of soup, cup of tea and a WW cookie...

It's true what your Mam says - a cup to tea fixes everything!

 So to sum up... if your stressed, go take a Christmas-y picture and have a cup of tea....

Monday, November 12, 2012

More come backs than Britney...

Yes it's true, this deflating bride has had more come backs than Britney - without the money, trainer, clothes and blonde hair of course! Its been 1 calendar month and 2 days since I last updated my blog and I'm ashamed!! Well, I was, until I came and got weighed and now I'm not so ashamed!

Despite my inability to exercise and all the sitting around and taking tablets I've been doing, added to that the lack of attendance to my classes, I am down 1 pound! Now while I realise that 1 pound in 8 weeks is not exactly going to make a poster girl for weight watching success, I am very happy because I was so sure I was up weight!!!

Why haven't I been committed to my deflation? Well partly laziness. But mostly I haven't been well with my joints. They ache and pain me and sometimes, when I'm really lucky, my feet and ankles swell out so much that I don't have calves and ankles, I have cankles!! And I don't know if you've walked around in pain all day, but if you haven't I can tell you it's no fun. And exhausting! Specially when your a busy bee with no time or patients for such inconvenience!!! So the last number of weeks by the time I get home I am so tired and sore I just lie on the couch and fossilise! I'm still waiting to find out what's wrong but sure it'll all be grand in the end!

So there are 7 weeks until Christmas and I have 6lb to loose to get my next silver 7 so this week I'm back with a vengeance! I've all my soup made as dinners ready to go! Exercise may be an issue and is very much dependant on these old joints of mine - I knew turning 30 would just be a disaster!!

We only have 43 more sleeps until Santa arrives, I am so excited! But, and I never in a million years thought I'd say these words, more importantly there are only 143 more sleeps till I am a bride!!!! Yep, I'll be getting hitched in 143 more sleeps and I'm not going to lie. I am excited.

Despite my painful joints I've been busy doing wedding things like getting facials and booking make up trials and getting the colour of my hair right and basically tormenting everyone and anyone that'll put up with me and all my wedding talk. I'll literally have nothing to talk about when the wedding is over!!!

Finally, my wonderful and kind WW leader is a little bit ill and needed an operation and I would just like to let her know that she's really missed in our class and I personally cannot wait for her to return to us. Get well soon Nikkers xx