Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Working-out for my Grub

I am meeting a very good friend for dinner tonight. I haven't had an opportunity to sit with down and enjoy a meal and catch up with her for nearly five months, so some might say it is well and truly overdue! We always have such a giggle when we're together so I am really looking forward to it.
Just how much I am really looking forward to our catch up was on my mind yesterday morning. I decided that I would go for an hours walk yesterday evening after work and then I can pick whatever I like and not have to worry about the points (within reason of course). My thighs had finally stopped protesting and started to move normally again. I am thinking this is down to the fact that I gave them a night off on Monday and lulled them into a false sense of security. Yesterday morning while making my decision, I could feel them groaning! But, on the way home when rain sploshed down on to the window of the car, I could hear the rejoicing! "There's not a hope of her taking us out in this weather!" Their delighted squeals were silenced by my new found determination "I pity the foolish thighs who fear rain. Tonight I am going to introduce you to my friend pain!" (For reasons unknown my determination seems to have taken on some form of an extra Cheesy Mr T).
When I got home, myself and H2B headed off for our little trot. He left me eating his dust as he took off for a "jog" - looked more like a sprint to me but what do I know. I decided, much to the protesting of my thighs, that I would do the Couch to 5K training. This is five minutes of walking to warm up and alternating between 1.3 minutes of running and walking for twenty minutes, then five minutes of cooling down.
I don't run. For many reasons, one of which being that as a child I was told that I run like Sonia O'Sullivan. Me being the innocent and not at all unkindly minded assumed that meant that I was really fast. I was later informed that she looks really funny when she runs, and that I, infact, looked like her when she ran, I wasn't as fast as her. Anyway, I took off at my little pace and I completed the training. On the return to the car, emboldened by my achievement, I did another bout of running and walking. By the time I crawled into the car I was feeling very impressed with myself. my "Determination" was doing an "I told you so" dance in the face of my thighs (who had now dragged my glutes (new favourite word), calves and stomach into our falling out).
I make it sound like it was no problem for me to complete this 50 minutes of fast movement. Please do not misunderstand me. By the time I reached the car my face was redder than a tomato, I was lightheaded from the amount of oxygen and the speed at which it was reaching my brain and I was drowned in sweat, like I had just decided to dip myself in to the sea.
H2B took me home and the drill sergeant that he is made me do about ten minutes more of stretching and sitting up. I swear I thought I'd never get off the floor again. But I did. And I felt wonderful after it. Kind of wonderful you feel for those split seconds after you eat a bar of chocolate (after it leaves your mouth and before you have an attack of the guilt's)
So I definitely earned my dinner tonight! And I look forward to enjoying it guilt free. I have once again lulled the thighs and its new cronies into thinking they have a night off, but "Determination" is sneaking up on them and making them do Davina McCall's work out after dinner! sssh don't tell them!

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