Friday, November 18, 2011

Sushi - Should have had the Big Mac!

I just finished a delicious lunch of sushi. It contained:

2 Salmon Nigri (1 PP)
1 Tuna Nigri (1PP)
2 Prawn Nigri (2PP)
2 California Roll (7)
2 Avocado Roll (5)

I made a HUGE mistake of not checking my ProPoints before eating. Your never going to guess how many ProPoints (according to

31 ProPoints!

I can't believe it. Again, I realise that this is my own fault and my own doing for not checking the PP before eating. But bloody hell! I thought Sushi was a healthy option! I don't think there's 31 points in a ham and cheese toastie!

I checked the Eating out guide. I could have eaten a Big Mac, Chips and a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry for 31PP!!!

I feel so cheated!

Guess it'll be zero point soup for my dinner tonight kids!

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