Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Only 17 Days to go

I am so excited! In 17 days I will be trotting up the aisle for one of my bestest friends in all the land and I cannot bloody wait.  Got my bridesmaid dress yesterday and I love it. Would really like to just wear it forever and ever. Hair trial is booked. Tan trial is occurring on Friday evening. My eyebrows currently look like two caterpillars walking across my face in order to meet one another because I am 'growing them out' for a threading. That should be fun (assuming I don't loose the nerve and pluck the be-jaysus outta these bad boys before then).

I am walking and running and even trotting up and down the stairs on a regular basis in order to look tanned, lean and toned for her big day. I will definitely look tanned, spanx will sort out the lean look - I guess two out of three isn't bad?!!

So two days back into the WW way of things. I have my googlie eyes stuck to my WW card giving me evils every time I try to eat something I shouldn't. But the good thing about the card is I can whack it in my wallet and just ignore it and carry on enjoying whatever I am eating that I shouldn't be... Ah no. In fairness I have been very good. Tracking like goodie-o and I even turned down a bar of Galaxy Bubbles that Himself bought me last night for a cuppa. I was going to eat it, but decided to leave it be. Incredibly proud of that! But then it is only day 2 of being back on the wagon...

So here's to saying No to sweeties and such for the next 17 days.... go team go!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weigh day... The result!

It's weigh day and I've just hopped up on TSC.. And I need not have feared!

My fearless leader informs me that it's been 8 weeks since she last clapped eyes on me. Trotting up to that scales I got the warmest welcome back - which instantly riddled me with guilt! My fearless leader also took my number so she could send me "get your ass here " texts if I go missing again!

Anyway! As I said I need not have feared! TSC was kind today! I am the exact same weight as I was 8 weeks ago! Which is great cause I've done a lot of eating and drinking the last 8 weeks and not a lot of moving! I must be doing something right!

So I am back and I am on a mission!

The goal; 7lb by 30 June! Let's do this thing!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tail between my legs....

Hi there! Remember me? I'm the girl that's trying to loose a million stone before her wedding and meant to use this as a tool to keep her focused!

So I'm back. With aforementioned tail between my legs because lads, the last couple of weeks I've been on a food and drink and lack of control / exercise bender that should have me in AA / EA (eaters anyomous)....

In three weeks I am a bridesmaid and I am so excited! Got our dresses today and lets just say they are pretty darn fabulous! So in the spirit of being three weeks away from brideslavery (I jest having a ball with it) I've taken to running again...

Me hips! Their bleedin killing me! Apart from the fact I thought my heart was going to explode all over the coast road and ruin the lovely trot from malahide to portmarnock, now me bloody hips are aching like a woman of 110 years!

Rejoining WW Tomorrow. I shall once again come face to face with TSC (the soul crusher) aka my other nemesis (the original nemesis being exercise in any make shape or form)...

Wish me luck with this! Need to sort my crap out cause I'm back on the hunt for "the one" ... My wedding dress

That's another story which I shall save till tomorrow