Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week One: The Verdict! Dundundun

Really! I am never talking to wine again.... EVER

Went and got weighed. The regret of my complete inability to behave myself was ringing in my ears. I knew it wasn't going to be good. The fear that I was going to blow up the scales with it shouting 'cannot compute' or 'ouch get off me' had settled itself into my stomach for a good long stay. Sure it even brought popcorn and drinks to enjoy the show!

The lady was welcoming. She asked me kindly, 'how'd it go last week'. I declined to answer on the grounds that I didn't want to incriminate myself as a gluten!

I got on the scales. Fear was having a good oul expectant chuckle while dropping popcorn all over the place. But I got the last laugh on fear. The scales didn't blow up. Or shout ouch! In fact. The scales did nothing. It went neither up nor down.

So I stayed the same. No loss, but no gain (all the dancing I did must have helped loose a few wine pounds).

Happy days! I stayed to my meeting, like a good lady and have resolved that I shall make two changes this week. In the words of a hypnotist my cousin once saw this week I am going to:

"Zip my Lips and Shake my hips"


  1. Love it!! I've been a naughty girl and havent been to a meeting in what feels like forever you have given me the motivation to get back on the horse and stay on track can't wait to see you this weekend
    Love your lil Aussie xx

  2. Oh my lovely Little Aussie! For a minute there i was like, eh see me the weekend?! See you at 10am my time Saturday morning xxx