Monday, November 14, 2011

Week three - The Verdict

Disappointment all over my face!

Got up on that scales and before I got up, I knew that the last couple of days was going to go against me! And it did!

I am up half a pound! Now, I do realise that it should have been a lot worse. If I hadn't done as much exercise as I did then would probably gained even more!

It's all the vinegars fault! Had I not got a whiff of it leaving that pub, then I'd never have gotten the chips! Damn my lack of will power! Damn it's tasty smell!

So the plan for this week?

I have decided that since the old vino, beer and cocktails appear to be the root of my downfall ( and perhaps the root of all evil) I will have to cut them empty calories out!

Part two of the plan is to exercise like nobody's business! I'll be seeing more of Davina and her team than my loved ones! And shall be pounding the pavement like a woman possessed!

Part three is zero point soup till it comes outta my ears!

I am gutted that I gained. I had really hoped that I wouldn't but to put it I perspective: it's four weeks since I joined WeightWatchers and I've lost 3 and half pound!

Next week will be better!!

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