Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Forbidden from Facebook, Wedding Gown Bliss and wonderful company

That there title pretty much sums up the bones of my very very long weekend - four days that have left me excluded, exhausted and exhilarated!

Ok so first up is the Forbidden From Facebook... I am 5 days into the FFF with 25 days to go. Himself maintains that I have an addiction to the social media site so I am challenged not to go on to the website, updated a status or like a photo for 30 days. The only thing I can do is post my blog because I don't actually go on to facebook in doing that. How am I getting on? Well, it's a challenge to break the habit, but not as hard as I thought. I thought it would be harder because I have constant access with my iPhone. I have deleted the app and it means I don't have such instant access but I have noticed that when I'm bored I flick about on my phone doing nothing, which is clearly the habit I have of going on to FB when I have a quiet second. I have also noticed that in my time off and away from FB, I have gotten a lot more done. Washing machine has been used twice and emptied (I'm a great one for putting on a wash and forgetting about it, Himself would tell you!), Dinners were cooked, breakfasts were made, conversations, like real, face-to-face conversations, were had and a bit of a book was read. Also it's saving me money. I swear to go my iPhone battery lasts so much longer!

Second up is the wonderful company.. I am going to be leaving the best bit till last!

I had a wonderful Friday night where by myself and H2B were invited for dinner in my Aunt's house with herself and her hubby. It was lovely food, fantastic laughs and too much wine! Totally enjoyed it and slept like a log after my 3.30am finish up! Then on Saturday night we headed off to celebrate a 21st with the In-Laws To Be (here-on-in referred to as IL2B until the big day of course). Great night had by all. Many Koronas were consumed and I danced the night away in my skyhigh heels and for the first time in a long time I didn't have to take them off because for once, my shoes were not forged in the fire of hell by Satan himself.

On Sunday my wonderful and loving and amazing mother came down to the big smoke from the hills of Donegal. Where the only traffic jams she ever meets are the ones caused by the sheep on the middle of the road. She came down because this weekend was wedding dress shopping weekend - which leads me nicely to....

Wedding dresses. Oh! Jesus Mary and the Carpenter was I taken by surprise. I did not expect to get so excited about wedding dresses, but I did. The excitement crept up and up and up until I literally could not hold it in and I was squealing with delight! A wonderful and  talented girl came to my home on Monday evening. She provides a Wedding Dress Party service where she comes to the house with her lovely designs and you try them on and stand staring at yourself in the mirror thinking your amazing and all your loved ones that you have invited over can look at you, drink wine and tell you your amazing... It was overload for my ego!!! She is

I was trying on dress after dress, each more lovely than the last, when it happened! As I clambered into the gown I started to get really really excited. When she was lacing me up, I was getting goosebumps. As she put the veil on  and pinned some bits and pieces down I was shaking! I never understood what people meant by "the one"! But man oh man I do now....

It's beautiful. It's got..... Can't tell you cause it's a surprise but I can tell you one thing. I am going to be one hell of a ridey princess on my wedding day and every time you see me after the 5 April 2013, every event I attend, every time you ask me to go for lunch/dinner/coffee/shopping/get out of bed I will be wearing that dress and veil. In fact, I am fairly sure that before you see me on the 5 April there's a large possibility I'll have a net curtain hanging from my hair bobbin.....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Uh oh... damn chocolate fail

I was ever so good yesterday morning.. I had All bran for my breakie. I had a home made chicken curry (recipe to be posted later) and rice for my lunch and for my tea I had a parma ham and melon salad with a balsamic and lemon dressing.

As I was working late last night I had my tea at 5.30pm in the kitchen in work. And that's where it was. Sitting there. Taunting me. Looking like a lovely tasty bit of heaven. A chocolate sponge cake with a butter icing topping and chunks of chocolate on top of it.

I ignored it.

I sat down and had my lovely tasty salad.  I followed that with a fresh ripe banana. I followed that with a slice of the lovely tasty bit of heaven. There was no ignoring it. It was like I was in the midst of an outer body experience. There was an devil on my right shoulder whispering 'get some cake get some cake'. There was an angel on my left shoulder saying 'get some cake, listen to the devil, he's making a lot of sense, get some cake'... So I got a slice of cake. And it was everything it promised it would be.

The only problem was, once the slice of cake was gone that bloody Devil and Angel sat on each shoulder, arms crossed, eyes rolled, tutting at me and saying, "sure have you no will power? If we jumped off a cliff would you follow?"