Monday, November 21, 2011

Week four - The Verdict

I am over the moon with myself! Down another 2.5lb. Really delighted. I wasn't expecting such a loss, thought maybe 1lb, but who's complaining. Clearly all my dates with Drill Sarge McCarthy and Davina McCall are paying off!

Thankfully Sushi-gate didn't effect my loss too much (although maybe I would have lost 3lb if it wasn't for the deceptively fattening stuff!)

Only 2 more pounds to go and I reach my goal of 7lb by the end of November. It also means I get a much longed for and over due haircut! I swear, I'm like a haystack in the mornings... a haystack with ridiculously split ends!!! I can't wait to get it all trimmed and lovely and possibly a fringe for my 5lb lighter face!!! What we think?

So the goal for this week is to loose 2lb. I'm going to drink no point soup till it comes out my ears! I've already set up a date with Davina for the morning and Drill Sarge Mc is making me go for a trot tomorrow night.

The leader this evening made a suggestion of taking up skipping. I think I might give it a bash, sure whats the worst that can happen? She told us about a lady who has lost a whopping 11stone! That's a person! Can you believe that? Imagine how that lady must feel. But the story gave me an idea. The leader told us that the lady got a dog to make her go walking.

Do you see where I am going with this?!!!! I think I should tell himself that we need to get me a dog so I can be a skinny bride!!!

Here's to weigh in number 5 and getting my silver seven!!

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