Friday, November 11, 2011

Clearly loosing the run of myself

Determination seems to be winning the battle between my thighs and its cronies. There is a lot less complaining out of them the more I move.

I have a big week of eating out. I was out for a lovely meal with my wonderful friend. It definitely lived up to my expectations (both the company and the meal). Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am heading out for a 'good luck with the baby' lunch this afternoon. Have been pouring over the venues menu trying to choose something that's suitable. I have chosen Smoked Salmon.

I have Graduation Tapas and Cocktails with the ladies from college tonight to celebrate successfully making our way through a gruelling (in my eyes) diploma in legal studies.

Finally, I have a Brides dinner and drinks tomorrow night with one of my besties.

All in all, its a lot of eating out. The reason I am loosing the run of myself is not on account of all the eating out. Its on account of knowing I'm going to eat out, and actually exercising! Even if I am tired. I think I'm becoming one of those people. You know. The people that actually enjoy exercise.

This is a very big shock to me. Exercise has always been something I have scoffed at. I have always counted as the walk to the car and back. Weight training is the lifting of a glass of vino from the table to my mouth and refilling it. Aerobic exercise was hoovering (and I usually get himself to do that!). I mean, this week I've been running twice, walking once and did a half hour of boxercise last night.

Thankfully my body seems to be slowly coming around to the idea of this extra movement and is not protesting as loudly. Here's hoping that I can maintain this level for the rest of the weekend so I can really enjoy myself! Have to keep remembering, 4 days till weigh in...

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