Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who knew exercise is like chocolate?

It's funny really. I'm 29 and, well I'll be honest, up until now my exercise regime - and I use the term rather loosely, has been the odd walk here and there, a guilt filled and stressfully occasional gym membership and a profession to really enjoy doing it when I get to it, but it's just getting to it is the problem!

This week, being week four of the new me, I've realised something. Exercise gives me that same happy feeling as a square (or six) of my favourite chocolate. And the great thing about it is that unlike chocolate, I can do as much exercise as I want and I wont be drown in a river of guilt! Although, I can't imagine that I Will ever be guilty of over exercising!

I also noticed something curious! I haven't had the best week this week. In fact, some might say that I have been like a bag of cats! Obviously those brave few who have voiced this fact have not loved to tell the tale! I've been up and down on that roller coaster ride called emotions all week. I didn't do any exercise on Tuesday night and it made me feel worse!

On Wednesday evening I had no more interest in squating and lunging and feckin planking than I had in learning to do a hoe down. When I came in from work Drill Sarge Mc was waiting. I'd had my night off the night before and wasn't having two on the trot. So he took me through my paces.

I'll be frank. I wanted to tell him to feck off and mind his business I am a grown woman that does not need to be told what to do. Then I got defiant in my stubborn, emotional little head and decided that he was waiting for me to quit, the way I always do. I'll show him, says i! And I did. I went through the paces and i worked my butt off, Abd guess what...

By the time I was warmed down and eating my dinner I was in great form. I was relaxed and happy and delighted with myself.

So apparently all this talk of exercise being good for fighting your moods ad depression and stuff isn't a ploy to trick you into working out!

My biggest concern is, what of exercise becomes my new chocolate?

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