Monday, November 28, 2011

Week Five ... The Verdict

Well people... I'll have a cyber-high-five please and someone get me the name of a good hairdresser!!!

Yes. It's happened. I've achieved my personal short term goal of 7lb by the end of November. I have never been more proud of myself and my achievements. All my hard work, food swaps and exercise has paid off and I honestly feel like I've won the lotto!

When I walked in there  this evening, I was actually nervous. I didn't realise just how important this goal was to me until I walked up to that scales. I think I had a lot hanging on achieving 2lb this week. Mentally that is!

When the lovely leader gave me the news I felt like crying with happiness!!!

So, heading into week six I am more determined than ever!

The new goal for the month of December? To loose a further 7lb by the 31 December.

I am officially the happiest weight watcher in the world!!!

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