Monday, November 28, 2011

It's weigh day....

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I can't believe its weigh day again!!

So, today is the day that I have set as a goal to have lost 7lb. It's the final weigh in of November, and I am 2lb away from achieving my goal. As always, I'm nice and confident that I've done well until this morning!!! I got up and the first thing I thought was "Damn it, why did I eat those Jelly beans?"... Now, in a more rational part of my brain I realise that a few jelly beans are not going to be the cause of my failure, but still! I shall sit and analyse every last thing I put in my mouth until I get up on that scales.

Looking back over my tracker, I should be feeling more confident. I've exercised. I didn't eat out. I didn't drink a drop of alcohol the whole weekend and I stayed within my points.

I'll be gutted if I don't loose 2lb this week. I badly need a hair cut. I think my hair is starting to take on a bit of a life of its own. I don't think in all the 29 years I am on this planet my hair has ever been this long. The split ends! Oh the split ends. You'd die of embarrassment if you saw them! Sure I can nearly take either side of the split end and pull it to make two strands of hair they are that bad! What does my needing a hair cut and loosing 2lb have to do with one another? Well its simple. I cannot get a hair cut until I reach my short term goal of 7lb!

Wish me luck!!

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