Monday, November 7, 2011

Week two - the verdict

All my hard work this week. All the arguments with my thighs. All the zero point soup and the resisting fizzy jellies. All the pointing and tracking and cooking... What was it all for?

I'll tell you! It was all so that I could loose a whooping 4 pound!!!! Oh yes that's right!

I am absolutely delighted! I was nervous heading on up there to stand upon the dreaded scales! In a fit of madness I wanted to turn around and go home. In that split second I forgot all that hard work my thighs have been protesting about! When the lovely leader gave me the news, I nearly kissed the woman!!!

So three pound to go and I reach my short term goal of 7 lb by the end of November!

And a special thanks goes to H2B for all his support and drill Sargent exercising!

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