Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kettlebells - third class

Back from my kettlebells class and learned a new trick with the monstrous weight! I learnt to swing and flick (said in a repetitive monologue inside my head in the same voice a Hermione Granger tells Ron to 'swish and flick' in the first Harry Potter- apologies for the tangent!)

Any who! It's a difficult enough move, especially because I haven't quite figured out how to stop it bashing in to my arm! I bruise like a peach so I'll be lovely and blue tomorrow!!

Oh the squats! They are feckin hard enough without adding a bloody weight in there but I did them! There was a frightening moment when I really didn't think I was coming back up from a particularly enthusiastic one! I did my little sit down, dropping the bell as I squatted. I went to pull the bell back up and stand straight with the intention of squeezing my but-tock (said like forest gump), but nothing happened. It was like someone pressed pause on the bottom half of my body! Then I had a wobble and thought "a feck, I'm going down"!

Thankfully nothing as embarrassing as that happened and with a rush of gratitude for Davina McCall and her DVD which I can only assume deserves the credit for my newly acquired balance, I huffed into a stand position, had a squeeze of my but-tock and put the bell down!

Much to my delight the class was pretty much over at that point!

My brain was loving the class! It totally enjoyed every second, so much so that it couldn't believe it was time to go!

The rest of my body on the other hand! Well let's just say that it's less than polite response to brain was something along the lines of your not doing the physical work so stop encouraging her!!!

I'll be punished tomorrow!!!

Looking forward to Thursday's class! It's a circuit!

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