Monday, January 9, 2012

It's Weigh Day ....

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It's weigh day today and I'm not feeling all that confident. Damn my love of going out and having a good time and thinking 'feck it, sure it'll be alright'! Was out for dinner in Eddie Rockets on Friday night and it was delicious. I didn't stick to my plan, sure why would I? Where's the fun in that? Nothing like a bit of self sabotage to get the weekend rolling in the right direction. So instead of ordering my chicken in a bowl and regular fries, I ordered the chicken fillet burger and fries smuthered in cheese. It was so tasty that I could happily have climbed up into the bowl and lived there!

Saturday was a much more disciplined affair, until I got to the restaurant. I woke up and did about 45 minutes of my Davina McCall DVD. Then I had a lovely breakfast of egg, toast and parma ham followed by a lunch of veggie soup. Not of the home made variety, but one of the Dunnes stores soups that kind of look like the Cully and Sully soup. It was 6 ProPoints but very tasty. When i went out for dinner and ordered a cocktail (or four) and then had loaded potato skins which had mashed spud, bacon and lots and lots of cheese (are you seeing a trend here). Followed up with Spicy Wedges and chicken enchiladas covered in? Yep, you guessed it, more cheese. DELICIOUS!

Yesterday was better though. I was very good. I even went for a run for nearly an hour which is unheard of after a night out. This happened primariliy because I had to leave the celelbrations early on Saturday night due to pesky strobe lights and lazers in the night club we were in. Couldn't risk having a seizure after so long being seizure free!

But here we are at Monday and I am in possesion of my 20/20 hindsight vision and I know that I didn't do enough to loose anything tonight. A whole week of being good and doing the right stuff ruined in 72 hours!

This week will be better!

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