Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's the first Weigh Day of 2012

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It's the first weigh in of 2012 and I'm starting to get a little nervous. I really wish I had done less of the eating, drinking and being merry and more of the running, tracking and pointing!!! But not to worry, the time machine I am currently working on is taking longer than anticipated to perfect, next year I'll be able to go back and correct all the mistakes I make once I've learned the lessons!

So what do I think is going to happen? Well I definitely think that I will have missed my goal of achieving a 7lb weight loss by 31 December 2011.  That's one goal that has definitely passed me by. But it's OK, I'm getting right back into it and I'll have achieved my goal of -7lb by the end of January 2012!!

I've also had a good chat with the various body parts the rebel against my exercising (they being my thighs, glutes and calves). I have told them I have prepared an exercises plan for the week. 1 hour a day. Regardless of their protests it's happening. I will get us nice and skinny in no time!

I'm all set for the week. Meal plans are done. Dinners are cooked and frozen and just need to be defrosted and reheated. Lunches are well and truly planned, today's lunch was actually really very tasty altogether!

Dinners this week include:
Creamy Chicken Pie
Beef Chilli HotPot
Moroccan Stew
Meatball pasta bake
Thai pork and egg fried rice
Prawn Nachos

I'll be going out for my dinner on Saturday night to celebrate one of my best friends turning the big 30! Herself, her hubby and myself and H2B shall eat nice food and dance the night away!

Fingers crossed I don't blow up the scales tonight. It'd be awful disappointing for new members!!

Wish me luck!

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