Monday, January 30, 2012

Damn it, it's weigh day

Damn it, it's weigh day again and this week has not been my best week!
Between working late, visitors and downright laziness I did no exercise this week. None at all whatsoever. My routine was out of sync (and I didn't do a whole lot to get it back into sync). I don't know what the heck is wrong with me! When I reach my 7lb, I loose the plot and then stop trying. That flippin self destruct button is always close to being pushed! Think I need therapy!

Anyway, I have decided that last week was a "rest" week and that this week is a "get back on that saddle and ride til your skinny" week.

I was out this weekend. Not once, not twice but three times. I was out for drinks on Friday night with himself's family to celebrate the 39th Anniversary of himself's uncle turning 21 (I'll let you do the math).  It was a fantastic night and loads of fun had by all. Then we headed out again for our friends birthday on Saturday night. That resulted in not getting home till after 3am having consumed copious amounts of Corrs Light, somethings called Cointreau Bombs (like a Jagger bomb with Cointreau instead) and accidentally leaning on a strangers puke... Needless to say I wasn't feeling overly sociable yesterday.

Although, despite the seedy head upon my both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I didn't eat a single crisp or fizzy jelly (until we  got a DVD last night and I ate some jelly beans and popcorn, though not a lot!!!)

Then the hat-trick that rounded off the weekend was out for dinner last night because neither of us had it in us to cook anything. So what did I order? I had a dirty big beef burger and chips - although, once again, I didn't actually eat all of the chips!

So the plan for this week:

Move, move lots more than last week! Kettlebells, running, Davina McCall. Aiming for 8 hours this week so need to get going!
Cook all my dinners and lunches tonight for the whole week. I'll be working late, going to exercise classes and need to be eating on the go.
Keep all of my 49 ProPoints for the weekend because I have got a wedding to attend!

Will keep you posted on the outcome.

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