Friday, January 20, 2012

Exercise balls - feck it!

Kettlebells was an experience last night! I picked the wrong weight to begin with. And by picking I mean it was the only one left because I was so late. So I was trotting around the circuit with a heavier than usual weight and by god did I feel it! So the circuit last night was a little different in that the trainer included exercise balls for us to to do sit ups, the plank and this other thing that looked like we were kneeling down saying our prayers and rolling forward on the ball.

It turns out, should you ever enter a competition that requires balance related skill, do not pick me for your team because you will absolutely loose. I cannot use it. I swear, I am ridiculous.

Firstly, when I sat on it I was instantly afraid the bloody thing was going to pop (that's the warped view of myself kicking in right there). Then doing the sit ups I was so afraid that I was going to roll off the blasted thing that I couldn't commit to the Up bit! On the next round of the circuit we had to do the praying thing. That wasn't too bad. I managed to do it, but didn't look half as long or graceful as my friend did (probably because I am not, in fact, half as long or graceful but that is neither here nor there). On the third way round we had to do this plank thing.

I made a holy show of myself. The group before us (and after us for that matter) didn't seem to have any problem in doing this. I, on the other hand, was an entirely different ball game (hehehe you get it!).

I couldn't do it. I was trying to hold myself up and steady but the ball kept moving on me. I was rolling to left and right and instead of just letting myself topple over I fought it, so I looked even worse. I nearly knocked my friend off her ball and the same with the girl who was in our group. Eventually, after a lot of trying the bloody thing shot out from underneath me, flying across the room drawing attention to my unbalanced self and sent me flying to the ground. I thought my friend was going to get sick laughing at me.

So to all those in the class that could manage that particular gem i say Damn you sporty folk and the exercise balls you rolled in on....

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