Friday, January 6, 2012

Eddie Rockets ProPointed Menu

I am going out for a bite to eat with two of my most favorite people on the planet (at least two of some of my most favorite) and a catch up. Eddie Rockets was the decided upon venue. I decided to do a little research and see what ProPoint's I am looking at and exactly how much I'd have to move my backside over the next couple of days because my 49 ProPoints are being saved up to celebrate the turning 30 of one of my other most favorite people on the planet!

Anyway, courtesy of member Angel09 I have this list (just so you know what your getting)

Classic hamburger-19pp
Classic with cheese (cheddar)-23pp
Double take-28pp
The veggie-16pp
Fish (in a bun)-16pp
Hamburger in a bowl-9pp
Chicken fillet burger-14pp
Chicken in a bowl-4pp
Buffalo wings (4,without sauce)-6pp
6 chicken tenders (no sauce)-11pp
Foot long hot dog-5pp

Regular fries -14pp
mash-2pp (not sure if that's right,medium potatoes are 3 pp in the book)

Caeser salad-7pp
Caeser with chicken-11pp

Float (coke,orange,sprite,8oz)-11pp
Diet coke float (8oz)-5pp
Malt shake-28pp :(
Knickerbocker glory-11pp.

I'm going for chicken in a bowl!

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