Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

2011 ended perfectly!! It was spent with himself and our wonderful nephew (well, really he's himself's nephew I've just claimed him as mine cause he's brilliant!). We had loads of fun babysitting and playing with him. Waking up in 2012 to the words 'Choo Choo' was possibly one of the best starts!

So what does the new year bring? For me its the end of the holiday feasting, or at least it will be from tomorrow. It's back into running and even taking up Kettle Bells!

What's a kettle bell? Have a look below!
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Kind of looks like Mickey Mouse (clearly that's from spending too long watching the Junior Channel with my lovely nephew)! Apparently this thing is going to tone me and help me loose weight. Isn't it exciting!! Now, considering I struggle with my little 1kg weights, I think that this is going to be a hilarious class for me. One that requires strength, coordination and balance... things I possess in abundance you might say. Actually, no, you wouldn't say that at all, but sure feck it we'll give it a bash and see how it goes!!!

New years resolutions? I don't want to say that I've made any, because to be fair, I always break them within a couple of days. But I do plan on continuing with the changes I have made.

1. Continue with WW and reach my goal weight by 31 December 2012
2. Continue with running and fitness
3. Complete the women's mini marathon in June 2012
4. Continue being a non-smoker!

It's not a lot, and I have been doing all of this since October (well, the training for the mini marathon is to begin). Need to trick myself into believing that these are not new years resolutions, as you know from reading my blog I am mildly rebellious and like to self sabotage.

I have big plans and goals and desires for 2012 and they ALL revolve around getting fit and healthy so I can stand on my best friends altar with pride and a skinny ass!!

Here's to 2012 being the year that I achieve my goals, don't self sabotage and have the time of my life planning the biggest day of our lives!

Happy 2012 to you all


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