Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The verdict

Well I got weighed last night. As I approached that scales I made my peace with all the nights out, dinners out, creamy sauces, cakes, wine and rubbish that I consumed. Someone once said "never regret something that once made you happy" that was the philosophy I was attempting to adopt!

I thought about all the times I meant to track and didn't. Thoughts of sitting on the couch and ignoring my trainers that were making muffled cries from inside my workout bag haunted my every step!

I hopped up on that scales with a knot in my stomach that I am pretty sure weighed about 6lb. I was greeted warmly by my leader with words of welcome back and We missed you ringing in my ears as I waited for the damage to appear on screen!

Bam! In the four weeks since I'd stood on my old nemeses, I hadn't gained a pound or lost one either! I was exactly the same!

Delighted doesn't cover it! For many reasons, the main being, of course, that I am not starting all over again! But also that obviously on some subconscious level I am working the programme without realising it!

So the verdict? It's a good outcome and given me the boost I need to face this week. If I had went to they class last week I honestly believe that whatever the scales said would have discouraged me thoroughly!

So this weeks plan?

Stick to my points
Track, track, track
A minimum of 7 hours exercise
At least 2 litres of water a day

Here's to a great week where ill be seeing less of myself on Monday!

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