Saturday, March 3, 2012

Massive achievement achieved

Ok, so it's probably not the biggest achievement in the world as far as most people are concerned. In fact I am pretty sure that I am the only one that will regard this as a massive achievement - I don't care I am going to boast!

This morning I ran 4.7km in 55 mins!

When I began my deflation I couldn't run for 1.3 mins without wanting to vomit and collapse in a sweating panting heap!

Today I made it to 55 mins without vomiting or collapsing in a sweaty heap.. Well perhaps the latter is a lie I am currently flaked out on my sitting room floor, my cold sitting room floor gasping for breath and water! My legs have that jelly like feeling and I'm pretty sure I've burst a lung and heart valve, or at the very least a vein in my forehead!

A pretty picture I do not paint, but regardless for the first time in about three weeks I feel really good about myself!

Yay for running and goals!

Now for a fry!! Only kidding!

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