Friday, March 16, 2012

It's St. Patricks Weekend

Hurray for Saint Patrick's Weekend! Only in Ireland could a national day be a three day event involving booze, booze, chocolate and more booze! Yes. Tomorrow is the day that I can have a little break from my Lenten Sacrifice and indulge in a wee bit of chocolate / crisps / fizzy jellies. And I'm not going to lie, I am excited! I don't know what to have! Need to keep it in check though cause I don't won't himself coming back from a stag weekend to find his beloved in a chocolate induced coma on the sitting room floor surrounded by crunchie wrappers and the odd empty packet of haribo! I'm getting a sugar rush just thinking about it!

So in preparation for a booze soaked, chocolate filled celebratory weekend I went for a run last night. I was tired and emotional after a long day at work and a crappy oul drive home in traffic. The last thing I wanted to do was go trotting along the coast road from Malahide to Portmarnock. But I'm a peculiar one. I knew that himself was expecting me to say that I was too tired and I didn't want to go. So to prove him wrong, I went. And I did it. I ran there AND back.

I was in a heap. Couldn't catch my breath and thought I might actually puke. But I wouldn't stop, because the stubborn witch that I am wanted to prove to himself that I was able to do it. And I wouldn't mind, he was the one telling me that if I want to stop we can walk the rest! I'll show you, was my thinking. This is a piece of cake! I can do it - all the while willing the contents of my stomach to remain where they were!

When I got back to the car I thought my legs were going to go from under me and that I was about to pass out from too much oxygen getting to the brain because I was breathing so fast. And then, when we got back to the house! Oh Jesus, Mary and the  Carpenter! I couldn't get out of the car. My legs wouldn't go. I think that they were paralysed from pure fright! When they eventually started to move, trying to get them up the steps at the front of the house was like trying to lift a tonne of lead. There was no feeling in them at all. It took me nearly twenty minutes to get them back working properly!

All in all it was good preperation for the indulgent weekend that lies ahead! Now, if people could start sending chocolate my way it'd be greatly appreciated! All donations, large or small, will be excepted!

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