Monday, April 30, 2012

Where oh where is Rachel.... There she is

I have been so very bold. I haven't been updating my blog and I haven't been to a weight watchers class is three weeks. I am terrified of what the scales is going to tell me when I climb up on there with a knot the size of a basketball in my stomach - which I can hopefully blame for any weight gain!

I have been relatively ok. I did a good bit if exercising last week. Actually that motivation of mine paid a wee visit from Monday to about Wednesday and it resulted in awaking at 545 three mornings on the trot to squat, lunge and jog my way into the day! Also went for a wee jog and a walk so was feeling great.

On the flip side to this story of goodness, dedication and motivation I ate quite a few packs of Trebel crunch, had a boost, slice of carrot cake, Thai takeaway and a bottle and half of wine over the weekend. I didn't track and quite frankly, I could be blanking the vast majority of what i ate out of memory!!!

You would think that because my deadlines are getting closer I would be working harder! Alas, that is not the case! My foot is well and truly off the pedal and my finger is firmly placed on that bloody self destruct button I have mentioned in the past!

I'll be a bridesmaid in 8 weeks. I will be standing on an altar with three of most lovely sticks you ever laid eyes on! So you would think I'd be trying to run, lunge and squat my way into stickiness!

Then my deadline for dress shopping is upon me. It's this weekend. I'm not going to lie, I am very excited about it! But I haven't made enough effort and haven't achieved the goals that I wanted to by now! So I am a hit disappointed in myself.

Today I was going to go back to my WW class. I decided against going. 10% of that was fear of how bad things may be. 80% because I knew if I stayed at home i would be able to cook meals for the week and have lunch and dinner prepared and ready to go, no excuses for crap eating and not being able to exercise. And the final 10% because I wanted to go running and i wouldn't have been able to do all of those things going to the class.

I will go to my class this week at lunchtime.

So here's to regaining some momentum, putting the foot to the floor and making my ass boney in 8 weeks time!!!

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