Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Uh oh... damn chocolate fail

I was ever so good yesterday morning.. I had All bran for my breakie. I had a home made chicken curry (recipe to be posted later) and rice for my lunch and for my tea I had a parma ham and melon salad with a balsamic and lemon dressing.

As I was working late last night I had my tea at 5.30pm in the kitchen in work. And that's where it was. Sitting there. Taunting me. Looking like a lovely tasty bit of heaven. A chocolate sponge cake with a butter icing topping and chunks of chocolate on top of it.

I ignored it.

I sat down and had my lovely tasty salad.  I followed that with a fresh ripe banana. I followed that with a slice of the lovely tasty bit of heaven. There was no ignoring it. It was like I was in the midst of an outer body experience. There was an devil on my right shoulder whispering 'get some cake get some cake'. There was an angel on my left shoulder saying 'get some cake, listen to the devil, he's making a lot of sense, get some cake'... So I got a slice of cake. And it was everything it promised it would be.

The only problem was, once the slice of cake was gone that bloody Devil and Angel sat on each shoulder, arms crossed, eyes rolled, tutting at me and saying, "sure have you no will power? If we jumped off a cliff would you follow?"

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