Monday, April 2, 2012

Its weigh day

I can't believe we are back to weigh day again! The weeks are flying in!

As I may have mentioned, I wasnt exactly the exercise bunny I had intended to be since my last weigh in! Nor was I as well behaved! Barely tracked and I didn't just break lent, I smashed it like a kiddie raiding their piggy bank for money to buy sweets!

So I tried to make up for lost ground over the weekend! I was very well behaved- only one glass of vino all weekend! And I exercised for 3 hours over Saturday and Sunday.

I ran and squatted all my lack of commitment and control away! So much so that it hurts when I breathe, walk, lie on my stomach when I am sleeping, try to sit down and then, inevitably, try to stand up!

Here's hoping all this pain will mean a gain of a loss, if ya get me!

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