Monday, April 2, 2012

The Plan for Easter week

There's a HUGE bank holiday fast approaching me and I am working out a way of dealing with it. Staying to meeting today was a big help! Seeing what I could have for the "price" of one easter egg made me realise it's just not worth sinking into a chocolate induced coma!

Apparently the small Easter egg is 23 pro points, without the bars you get! Sure I could have a lovely big take away for that price! Or a crunchie, jellies, ice cream and McCoys flame grilled steak flavoured crisps!

Although when it comes to it, I'll probably have the egg! I do love my chocolate! (hence the need for deflation some might say).

So the plan is a simple one!

Eat 26 ProPoints a day
Earn 7 activity points per day
Save my 49 weekly points

That means at least half hour a day of moving my ass and eating LOADS of free foods!

I also have a massive motivation! My wonderful Bride to be (that isn't me) has set a date for ordering our bridesmaid dresses and I am excited! Yep! You heard me. I am actually excited to be trying on bridesmaid dresses! Not just because I'm expected to be excited! But because I can't wait to try them on!

Here's to losing 2lb this week!!

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