Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week seven The Verdict

I was MIA last week! I don't know what the heck got into me - actually I do but more on that later!

I had to work late last Monday so missed my class Monday night and then betwixt and between work and other things I never got round to going! Boy did I pay the price!

I am up 1.5lb! Feckin raging! But I've literaly no one to blame but myself...

Now to what got into me! This is over the course 10 days...

To be precise, there was;
Vodka jelly, wine, beer and spirits on Friday 2 December;
Large chicken fillet roll with egg mayo Saturday afternoon 3 December;
half a beef curry with fried rice and prawn crackers on Saturday evening;
Christmas dinner with all the trimmings at 1pm Thursday afternoon;
Goats cheese tart and bruschetta Thursday evening;
10 pints of beer Thursday night;
Buffalo wings and blue cheese sauce Thursday night;
Croissant with mozerella and Parma ham Friday morning;
Double cheese burger as fries Friday Afternoon; and
Three in one and spring rolls Friday night.

I quite literally ate my way through a number of different fast food cuisienes and apparently wanted to go back for more. It was the blow out of all blow outs! I woke up saturday morning and realised what I had done - handed back my silver seven for starters!

Totally disgusted and horrified with myself. When I see it on paper exactly what a pig I'd made of myself last week I'm mortified! I did some exercise Saturday and Sunday. In my defence, I had given myself a mild electric shock on Sunday 4 December and was feeling a bit off colour so went to the Doctor who recommended taking a break from exercise for the week. She forgot to mention not to eat my own weight in junk food!

Oh well. Sure look, the damage is done, and in fairness, looking at all that I ate it should have been a LOT more damage. So I've put it behind me and looking forward to being a big looser (of weight that is).

Note to self: Discipline is a learned art! Start learning quick!!!!

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