Thursday, December 1, 2011

Exercise Junkie?

Is it a possibility that I am becoming an exercise junkie? I think so. Mainly because I got up at 5.45am this morning for a date with Davina, and as tired and all as I am, I will be heading out for a run when I get home from work. That to me spells out addiction to exercise.

(Please ignore the fact that it is the first time in 29 years that I have gotten up at 5.45am to work out. Please also ignore the distinct lack of a developed habit! In my mind I need only do it once for it to become a habit.)

Either way I just want to boast about the fact that while y'all we're snoozing your heads off I was bouncing around my sitting room, flinging weights about willie-nilley and huffing & puffing my way through squats, sit ups and leg pulses. I hope that you can sense, from the tone of my writing, the glow from my healthy halo! And while you might say to me that self praise is no praise at all, I would argue that if I don't tell people about my early morning workout(s) then how will they know to praise me?

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