Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Weigh Day...

My Unofficial Weigh Day is here. It's Monday. I have had a pretty hectic weekend with cocktails, shots and beer. There was very little exercise done. I had scones. They were lovely. I also had coleslaw and cheese. It was lovely too. I had McDonalds. That! Well, that was delicious!!!!

Other than that, I was quite discplined and I didn't go over my points most days. Although in saying that, I didn't track quite as well as I should have. One might say I'm turning a blind eye?

Anyway. My aim this week is to have lost the 1.5lb that I put on. I am going by my scales, which is different to the class scales and I am only using it as a guideline. Hopefully when I go back to class on the 3 January the losses will match!

Still quite scarred after my epic fall from the food wagon! I'll be heading out for Christmas drinks tonight with my college buddies and plan on being very good. Mostly because I have work tomorrow and can't really hack a night on the raz when I have to get up the next day. Sign of my age?!

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