Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! I hope that Santa was as good to everyone else as he was to me! It's fantastic to be sitting in my Mam and Dad's house with my brother sister and Fiancé having Christmas breakfast and listening to my dad preparing the dinner! It really can't be beaten!

Today is my 'Get outta jail free' day! Even a deflating bride has to be allowed a guilt free ProPoint free day!!! So I plan on eating and drinking all I want with no thought of my waist line! I especially plan to have an extra big lump of my dads amazing cheese cake!!!! Might even have a second slice later in the day!!!

Enjoy Christmas with the people you love! Its the only way!

Now, even though I am going for guilt free day I'm going to get up now and go for a Christmas run on the beach! Sure why not!!!!

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