Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Christmas Plan

So I had my last weigh in of the year last night, and failed miserably! My goal of loosing 7lb by 31 December is edging nearer and nearer and I spent all last week self-destructing all over the place! But I'm in a new week now, the goal is still there waiting to be achieved so here's how I plan to do it.

Cook! On Sunday I spent the day cooking dinners for the week and portioning them up and freezing them. That's what I plan to do Sunday. I don't want any excuse for not eating correctly.

Soups. Lots of soups for lunches and snacks. I will make loads of soup for the coming weeks and drink it like its water to keep the hunger at bay! I'll use my soups as a hunger buster for going out for dinners etc (which will be a lot during the festive period).

Exercise. Lots and lots of exercise. I am aiming to do 1 hour a day. It can be broken down into 2 half hour sessions, but 1 hour a day. That's 7 hours a week. Need to do it if I am going to achieve my 7lb goal by 31 December.

Weigh day: I'm keeping up my weigh day. It'll be next Monday and I know that I will have lost that 1.5lb I gained and then some by next Monday!!!

Patients... Lots of patients. It's something I have come to realise I do not posses. In my head, I woke up one day overweight and in need of Weight Watchers. So logically, now that I have decided that I don't want to be overweight, I should just go to sleep tonight and wake up my ideal weight in the morning. My lack of patients is whats making me feel that way.

My WW Leader gave us a tool to help us through the next three weeks till weigh in. She told us to light a candle that represents something to keep us on our weight loss path, or bring us back to it should be wander of it.  I need a candle for patience, moving more and eating less. Sure  the house will be a fire hazard by the time I get to January!!!!

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