Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weigh day... The Verdict

I have run, I have drank gallons of water, I have eaten lettuce and spinach and fruit till its come out my ... [ears].  And it has all paid off.  Yes.  I hopped up onto that scales and I am 1.5lb down this week.  That's a brilliant 3lb in two weeks. Delighted with myself.  I am 2lb off my stone and I am going to get it next week.

Granted, 1.5lb is not the 4 stone I feel I deserved to loose, but it's still pretty darn good.

The plan for next week?

Well, I am going wedding dress shopping next Monday with my Mum and Sister (eeek... too excited, can't stay off the website of the shop!) So going home for the weekend means good hearty home cooked meals, real butter (literally drooling at the thoughts), my dad's mashed spuds (i hope) and wine.  Plus there may be a bit of birthday cake for a special someones 19th birthday and did I mention wine?  With all this in mind, I must plan...


  1. There will be running.  I am up to about 3.5k - 4k jogs so this week I am aiming for 5k at least three times and 3.5k at least twice. (Don't mention it to my calves, they are only recovering after yesterdays run!)
  2. Three sessions of Davina McCall's DVD; and
  3. Sticking to 26 ProPoints a day.
With all that in mind, I am fairly sure I will  be able to get my stone next week....

Oh, and just to give a visual of 1lb loss, see the pic below and add half of that to make up the 1.5 Ib lost today... It's gross but true!

Image courtesy of http://logomachia.blogspot.ie/

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