Thursday, August 23, 2012

Looking forward to the weekend...

I do apologies most profusely for my lack of commitment to blogging / being weighed.  This week I was a little bit on the ill side on Monday and went home to bed and covered my head and didn't get up till Tuesday. So I never went to WW. Usually when I don't make it to a class two weeks in a row I've spiralled uncontrollably into an eating and drinking binge. Now I'm not going to lie to you. There was a day last week when I crashed off the weight loss wagon in spectacular style falling asleep filled with Kinder Buenos, Crisps, Pastries and a Kit Kat Chunky.  It was a chocolate filled frenzy that I loved every second of and vowed my penance would be running and a lettuce leaf for the rest of the week... Which I did (the running part anyway!). And then hopped back on to the tracking and pointing wagon for the remainder of the week (for the most part)...

I was attempting to do 30k over all of last week and only managed to run 16k.  It's still 16k more than I would have done six months ago, so happy days.  And just so I am clear, that's 16k over the course of a week, not all in one go - lets not run away with ourselves (an athlete and a sense of humor eh!).

Last night I went for another run. I have got to do something about the pains in my hips.. The words "me hips" are becoming my tag line! Anywho, completed my first ever 6.6k run. That's 0.4k more than the last longest run I ever did ever. And I'm delighted with myself. With this in mind, I think it's only fair to notify all my supporters that they need to start saving, flights to Rio do not come cheap - there is still four years to get the cash together, but I find the more notice people have the better.... (In my head, my running successes are already worthy of gold...Usain who?)

In wedding news, I have the greatest bridesmaids in all of the land!  They made one of the things, I was simply dreading, doing so easy: little gems that they are! Not only am I kitted out for the big day, now my four ladies are also kitted out.  AND I didn't have to drag all four of them from shop to shop trying to make decisions surrounded by satin and lace and taffeta (who invented this horrible looking and sounding material and why is it always in disgusting colours like burnt orange and snot green (real colour, ask any bridesmaid dress designer ). It makes me wonder either (a) a bride must really really hate her bridesmaids to put them in that type / colour material or (b) a bride must be incredibly insecure to dress her bridesmaids up so they look like noisy mucus). Nope, none of that malarkey for me. I brought one bridesmaid to two places. She tried on about 10 dresses and on the 10th we fell in love with it.  I sent a picture to the other three ladies and they all said yes totes gorge go for it. And BAM! Just like that, I got my bridesmaid dresses. Love them and my girls!

Why am I looking forward to the weekend? Well, apart from the fact that it's two days away from work, I am also going to a lovely hotel in Carlow with one of my besties for the night to drink wine, have a facial and chill out.  Cannot wait for it!

I shall be back to my WW class on Monday to view the hundreds of pounds my "Olympic" training have helped me shed...

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