Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Weigh Day, Facial Virgin and Exploding Gravy

Damn it. It's weigh day. Why does weigh day come around so quickly? Monday is always a good weigh day, unless I have been misbehaving at the weekend - in which case, its a dad day! I haven't been to my class in two weeks so I am defo feeling a little bit on the shaky side! Especially after my girlie night in Carlow.  Which was amazing!

It was my first ever time to have a facial.  I fell asleep. When the facial woman made a noise I jumped out of my skin and remembered that I was not alone in my room and I should really try avoid dosing off / snoring like a train. Then I fell asleep again and repeated the whole process.  My skin was so lovely and soft after it. It was wonderful. Now that my facial cherry has been popped, I think it might be my new favorite thing to do.  If only I had just had the facial, a couple of lettuce leaves and water. But no.  I didn't! Instead I drank 1 and half bottles of wine, soup, 2 bottles of beer and 2 Bacardi's and diet coke. I didn't drink the water until Sunday when my tongue was like sandpaper! But it was good fun to say the least!

Yesterday I was trying to claw back some losses by going for a walk on the beach. I couldn't run.  I just didn't have the capacity to make it happen. Instead, I walked. And I got tired. And I tried to jump over a little river of water (which was actually deep enough) only to land in the middle (the deep bit). It was an emotional walk that didn't do what it was meant to do - clear my head and energise me. Instead it made me wet, tired and increased my desire for crisps, chocolate and, for the strangest reason, Super Noodles. I didn't have any of them things.  I went home and channelled my inner Domesticated Goddess who brushed aside my Hangover Head and got down to the business of making Soda Bread for the Carrot and Coriander soup I made from scratch. Then also made a Chicken Tikka Masala from scratch and lovingly prepared a Christmas ham (yes I am aware that I am off by a number of weeks, but himself needed a bit of spoiling) and roast potatoes and gravy... that exploded all over the place.

It was rather silly of me if I am perfectly honest. And I lay full blame at the door of my delayed hangover and tired eyes. I decided that I'd make some gravy from the meat juices. I had no little pot as it was busy making carrots. So I chucked a perspex jug on the cooker ring and got down to gravy making.  There I was, minding my own business, dreaming about sitting down when suddenly, and much to my surprise, the bloody jug exploded everywhere. I nearly had a heart attack.  I thought someone had fired a gun (and shot my gravy).  Thankfully I wasn't hurt at all (until later when a rouge piece of glass made it's way into my sink and sliced my bloody middle finger). Thought the cooker ring was destroyed though, but with a bit o' elbow grease I got it cleaned. Frightened the bejaysus out of me. Had I been a cat I think I would have been upside down, claws buried in the ceiling and hissing at the offending noise!

So I'll be toddling off to get weighed now today.  Here's hoping that I have lost something and not gained. Wish me luck !

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