Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Only 17 Days to go

I am so excited! In 17 days I will be trotting up the aisle for one of my bestest friends in all the land and I cannot bloody wait.  Got my bridesmaid dress yesterday and I love it. Would really like to just wear it forever and ever. Hair trial is booked. Tan trial is occurring on Friday evening. My eyebrows currently look like two caterpillars walking across my face in order to meet one another because I am 'growing them out' for a threading. That should be fun (assuming I don't loose the nerve and pluck the be-jaysus outta these bad boys before then).

I am walking and running and even trotting up and down the stairs on a regular basis in order to look tanned, lean and toned for her big day. I will definitely look tanned, spanx will sort out the lean look - I guess two out of three isn't bad?!!

So two days back into the WW way of things. I have my googlie eyes stuck to my WW card giving me evils every time I try to eat something I shouldn't. But the good thing about the card is I can whack it in my wallet and just ignore it and carry on enjoying whatever I am eating that I shouldn't be... Ah no. In fairness I have been very good. Tracking like goodie-o and I even turned down a bar of Galaxy Bubbles that Himself bought me last night for a cuppa. I was going to eat it, but decided to leave it be. Incredibly proud of that! But then it is only day 2 of being back on the wagon...

So here's to saying No to sweeties and such for the next 17 days.... go team go!

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