Monday, June 11, 2012

Weigh day... The result!

It's weigh day and I've just hopped up on TSC.. And I need not have feared!

My fearless leader informs me that it's been 8 weeks since she last clapped eyes on me. Trotting up to that scales I got the warmest welcome back - which instantly riddled me with guilt! My fearless leader also took my number so she could send me "get your ass here " texts if I go missing again!

Anyway! As I said I need not have feared! TSC was kind today! I am the exact same weight as I was 8 weeks ago! Which is great cause I've done a lot of eating and drinking the last 8 weeks and not a lot of moving! I must be doing something right!

So I am back and I am on a mission!

The goal; 7lb by 30 June! Let's do this thing!

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