Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am baaack (again.....)

Oh my God! I've been dreadful. Truly dreadful and rather ashamed at my lack of commitment to my deflation / blogging about the deflation! A disgrace is what I am! I have been more committed to inflation than deflation if the truth be told...

I went back to WW three weeks ago. I know, I know! I was going to start blogging about it, but The Soul Crusher wasn't exactly telling me things I wanted to hear! In fact, it told me that I was up 1 and half lb.  Which, considering what had been happening the weeks preceeding the weigh in, isn't that bad a result.  But I was still incredibly disheartned with myself.  All my goals and plans and stuff and sure I was going to wrong bloody way! Diary of a Deflating Bride? Eh, more like an Inflating bride!

I went and got weighed last Monday and I was only down 0.5lb, which I have to say was quite disappointing, cause, you know, I worked my ass off.  I was up at 5.45am lunging and squatting around the sitting room like a woman possesed.  I was out walking and trotting about the place like no body's business.  But in fairness, when I looked back over my tracker... well lets just say that I am happy enough with a half pound loss...

I began last week with a plan to eat as many zero points foods as possible. I was going out to eat three times before my next weigh in. So I needed to up my game. And I did.  And it paid off.  I am now officially back on track. Lost 1.5lb! Delighted with myself thank you very much!

There is so much to talk about.  Being a Bridesmaid was amazing. My beautiful best friend was a stunning bride and not a trace of bridezilla about her either. It was an unbelievable weekend and the worst thing to happen was it ending. I would love to invent a time machine, travel back and just watch it all happening again!

I am back on the hunt for 'the one'... not a replacement for himself, no. A new dress.

The beautiful dress I thought I had didn't quite work out. Mainly because of the bridesmaid dresses she produced for Fiona's wedding!  A disgrace is what they were! Pink sacks! So I had to fight and fight and fight to get some of my deposit back (even though she didn't do any work at all whatsoever, she still got to keep 50% of my deposit, boooo).  I would only recommend using www.wedding-dressparty.com if you are 100% sure you want to go with her and you leave lots and lots of time between when you order the dress and when you want it - just so there is time to fix anything that might go wrong or, as happened in Fiona's case, replace them altogether with something new (and definitely improved!)

So I have to start again, which, to be fair, is not a big hardship really! I begin the hunt on the 13 August in the hills of Donegal! I'm very excited about it all!!!

So here's to a good and active week followed by a MASSIVE deflation!! Wish me luck!

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