Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to day one of my deflation

It's day one of my Deflation. My reason for deciding to do a blog for this is so that I can document how I'm doing, and hopefully, if I have a few followers, that might encourage me to succeed.

Lunchtime today is 'D' (D for deflation) day, as it were! I am heading to the local weight watchers (WW) class, signing up, climbing up on that scales for the last time the weight I am. (I'm not too sure how confident I am about putting up how much I weight just yet. Think it might take me a little bit of time to pluck the courage up for that one!)

I will be aiming for a total loss of 4 stone and three dress sizes!

I have been attempting to loose weight for over three years now, and failing miserably! I do well for a while, think I'm fanstastic and then loose the plot (and interest) and have to start all over again. Although I did loose a stone and half that I haven't regained, so I must be doing something right!

I am nothing short of brutal! When I don't have a goal to achieve I am quite happy to plod along with my 1 - 2 pound loss. I will generally stick to the 'system' and everything will go well, until I excercise... then BAM! Loose the run of myself! I think because I've been trotting along on a treadmill and have burned 300 calories its a licence to go and eat a mars bar, packet of crisps, large bag of fizzy jellies and supersize buger and chips! By the time I've finished eating I'll need to run for about 10 hours on the treadmill just to burn off the extra food, never mind the already, well and truly settled in for the long haul, weight!

Then when I have a goal to achieve! By jaysus but I do everything possible not to achieve it.

Now you see, the thing about me is, I don't like being told what to do. Even if it's me doing the telling. It's like a red flag to a bull. The minute someone tells me not to do something, or to do something, I'll head on out there and do the exact opposite. Which is fine. When someone else is telling me to do something. But when I'm standing looking in the mirror saying 'jaysus it's time to loose some weight' and then I rebel against it, its a bit of a pointless battle.

So, lets see how the scales has changed since the last time I joined WW (for the last time)....

Shall keep you posted

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