Thursday, October 27, 2011

Surviving day 2

I survived day 2! I knew I would, but it wasn't without it's struggles, I can assure you! I know that I can get as far as  day 7 or 8, still full of enthusiasm and raring to go... then the complacency slips in and I 'forget' to track, pack emergency supplies (for the long trek home from work!) and generally loose interest! I'm a great one for getting started, its the finishing I have problems with.

Anyway, headed straight to the supermarket after work and had a wee rumbly in my tumbly, so I made the 'smart' choice and ate an apple to tide me over till I got home for my dinner. Realised that I had no change for the trolley. I had to go into the danger zone (also known as the newsagent). There was an array of lovely colourful sweeties and chocolates and crisps, all clamouring for my attention. The ones that spoke loudest to me were a packet of Barrets Cola Bottles. I picked them up. I looked at them longingly. I bargained with myself. 'It's only day one. You could spend some of your weekly points on a little packet of cola bottles. Your not going to get dinner for at least another hour. Sure you might as well'... Thankfully, there was a lady in front of me taking her sweet time so this internal persuasion wasn't noticeable to the average on looker. Eventually, common sense prevailed and I got a packet of chewing gum instead!

On I travelled through the supermarket, picking up the various fruits and veggies I would require for my weeks cooking. It all went really well. But another obstacle hit me as I trotted towards the end of my shopping... the feckin sweet stand at the checkout. A particularly tasty looking bag of American Hard gums caught my attention. I could taste the little buggers just looking at them. I had them in my hand. I was going to buy them. Then I reminded myself of my biggest fear.... I put them back (with pro American Hard gum arguments ringing in my ears from that crazy bitch inside my head who thinks we are a size 8).

So now all I need to do is survive day 3! Anyone any tips for me?

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