Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It all went dreadfully wrong!

I went at lunch time and I did it. I joined WW again. Much to my dismay, things are a lot worse than initally anticipated. The weight gain since the last time I went is considerably higher than my informed / dillusional guestimation. But there ain't no point in crying over the spilt milk (or all the milk that I have drunk without thinking of the lb heavy consequences)....

Nevertheless, its a new start and a new day. I have a goal of 7lb to loose and I plan to loose that by the end of the November. How's that for PMA!

It would appear that should I want to enjoy my glass (aka 'the bottle') of Vino in a night, it will cost me 20 pro-points, which is nearly a day's worth of food! And having that second glass (aka 'the bottle') will cost me 40 pro-points, which is infact all but 9 points of my weekly bonus! Best get my ass out and doing some excercise!!! So that would mean I'm moving more for Vino!

Anybody any suggestions fun excercise DVD suggestions or otherwise. Bearing in mind that I am not 'sporty' and have little or no balance or co-ordination!!!

Help me loose 2lb this week!

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