Friday, March 22, 2013

T Minus 14 Days

Oh Holy Moly... There are only 14 days to go.  As I type this I am squeaking.  It's embarrassing.  Every time I think of the wedding, I get over excited and squeak. I want to jump up and down and squeak away to my hearts content.  Which is great! Once I am in the privacy of my own home.  But if, for example, I am sitting in the office working away quietly and then a wedding thought pops into my head, well, it can get a bit awkward!

Himself is back from his stag.  It was a three day affair (longer than the planned wedding celebrations I'd like to point out) and I think they sort of broke him.  Not physically. But possibly emotionally.  He hasn't been right since he came home.  He's a shell of a man! Three days of drinking has taken it out of him, although surprisingly, as we have gotten closer to the week anniversary of the "Best Weekend of his Life" he has started to wish he could do it all again.  There's rumblings of repeating the weekend next St Patrick's weekend. As long as there's no Mankini, I think it would be fine!  Yes, Mankini. A Mans Bikini. It's not a pretty sight. I don't recommend you even google it. But they put him in a Mankini.  I saw a picture, full frontal of course, and the image is forever ingrained on my memory. It's not a happy memory....

Lets not think of such dreadful things!!

While himself was off having the best weekend of his life, I was also having a pretty damn good time.  My wonderful friend Bianca and her beautiful Mum Allison came ALL the way from Australia to celebrate our national holiday with me.  Well, to be fair, it wasn't just for that, they are also seeing a little bit of Europe for a couple of weeks, but I like to think that everything is all about me. At least for the next 14 days!  We drank and ate and danced and I showed off my lovely dress.  It was great fun. 

So as I am running out of weekends, it is full steam ahead for the next two weeks.  Mostly with meeting people for lunch, getting nails and eyebrows done and all sorts of lovely lady things! Isn't it wonderful?

Woohoo! We're nearly there!

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