Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Still in Recovery

My Hen party is over! Super sad face! I can't believe it went so quickly, and I'm still in recovery! I am not as able as I once was!

I did not stop smiling from 1245 on Friday the 1 March until... Well, I am still smiling actually!

On Friday my wonderful mum and little sister arrived and we had lunch with my grandmother and then came home to my house to get organised for my big night. My very talented make up artist (yes, mine! All mine and willing to share) came to do some tans and eye lashes - two things I have none of! And to sort out the caterpillars (or hitler moustaches if you speak to one of my bridesmaids) I call eyebrows.

We opened wine while we waited our turn and I made dinner.

It was lovely having my mum and sister meet with my bridesmaid and another of my closest friends and have them all getting on.

Then it was my turn to get my tan done! Oh Jesus I don't know what came over me! She had the tanning tent up and ready to go and told me to get stripped and hop in and she would just fix the gun and get started.

While she fiddled about with the tanning gun, I got stripped! And I mean it, I got stripped! The poor divil turned around to spray me and was left with the image of me with my back to her, arms out, legs akimbo and my big bare white arse mooning up at her in all it's glory!

As I said, I don't know what came over me! It's not like I've never had a spray tan before! And you know the worst bit? I didn't even notice till she started and I thought "something doesn't feel right". And then when I realised what I'd done, sure I couldn't tell her to stop and wait till I put my ninnies back on! So I let her continue while I tried not to shake with laughter!

Awkward is not the word!

But naked tanning aside it was a lovely start to my brilliant weekend!

My bridesmaids arrived laden down with bubbles and badges and veils and sashes! I was dickies up to the nines and have once again concluded that every outfit should have a veil!

The girls did a wonderful job! The venue was beautiful the food was amazing and the lady that taught us all to dance to Proud Mary was hilarious!

I am very grateful to my wonderful ladies and can't wait till we all get together again for the wedding!

A big thank you to all that came and helped me feel incredibly special!

A very special thank you to my almost 85 year old grandmother who also helped celebrate! I was very proud to have her there in all the hen gear and laughing and joking with everyone! Definitely a special moment to have a grandmother in a hen party tie listening to you answering some pretty darn embarrassing Mr and Mrs questions!!!

Here's me dickied up to the nines! And one of my nana with some of my beautiful aunts and my mum!

Here's to the next 27 days flying in!!!

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