Friday, February 15, 2013

Weight Loss Visuals - WARNING: Not good if your having your breakie!

Now listen kids.. This may not be a breakfast read!!! I was fluttering around on the Internet and stumbled across these pics and I thought, as inspiration, I would share them with you.

How many times have you hopped up on that scales at your weight loss class, gym, bathroom, friends bathroom and realised that you ONLY lost one pound or ONLY lost half a pound? And how many times have you been flippin ragin that you ONLY lost that amount?

Well my friends, feast your eyes on what loosing one pound in weight actually looks like.  Now, look it, it's not pretty - but you will think it's amazing!

Isn't that unreal and gross at the same time!

And, if you loose 5 pounds, this is what it looks like:

Imagine having to carry that around with you all day ? Isn't it mental?

So next time your feeling a bit crappy about ONLY loosing 1 pound or a half a pound, whip out these pics and take a good hard look and say "Well done me"! (and also, "Jesus that's disgusting"!)

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