Friday, February 1, 2013

Can you really burst from excitement?

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Well, is it? Because I really think I am on the verge! This last couple of days I have been getting giddier and giddier and more and more excited.  The excitement is even coming between me and my most beloved - my sleep.  I love my sleep.  There's very little in this world that can come between me and my sleep.  I have never understood being kept awake all night with worry.  I will worry alright, but I will still sleep quite well.  In fact, I have been known to nod off at will.  I consider it a great talent and a blessing. 
But, the last couple of nights, I go to bed in my usual tired and sleepy state. Once I get in to bed my thoughts start a gentle little trot on the treadmill that is my mile-a-minute mind and then BAM! My thoughts are flat out running like they are trying to complete a full marathon in 20 minutes and I'm wide awake feeling like 20 Christmas' have come at once! It's like I am seven again and convinced I hear Santa wandering around downstairs and the only way to expel the excitement is to scrunch up in a little ball and squeal!  There are 2 months and 4 days left until the wedding.  It'll be a long 2 months and 4 days for those around me...
Lots of wedding related stuff has happened!
Menu tasting was done on Wednesday. It was amazeballs, and probably a huge contributing factor to the building of excitement because now, I may not know what the day is going to be like, but I do know what it's going to taste like! Even as i type this there are butterflies the size of bats swooping around in my tummy! The hotel were so lovely to us and the food was delicious (phew, cause its a bit late now if it wasnt!)
Here's an excited bride to be holding our menu!
Then our wedding candle arrived. It has our names on it. It's lovely. Thankfully, the lovely girl who's singing at the wedding explained a bit about the lighting of the candles because, quite frankly, I didn't know about it! It's not a part of the ceremony that's ever stuck out in my mind.
My hen party has been organised.  I know very little details.  I just know I'm staying in Dublin City Centre and its going to be amazing! This has me super excited and also spurred me on to work my ass off to fit into a slinky hen party dress (yet to be acquired!) and made me very grateful for my lovely bridesmaids who have worked so hard to try and please the most controlling person they know!
How am I working my ass off? Well. Two words.  Jillian Michaels.  I believe she could be married to Lucifer, or may, in fact, actually be Lucifer in human form.  I have yet to confirm this but am relatively sure it will be proven when I move from week 1 of her Ripped in 30 up to week 2.  It's not a move I am looking forward to and neither is the rest of my body.  In fact, after day 1 of ripped in 30 I could no longer climb stairs. Anywho, she's helped those people on that Biggest Looser show and here's hoping she helps me.  The only issue I have with her is she's SO bloody annoying!  Have to try tune her out, or use it as a motivational tool to make me work faster so it's over quicker? I recommend it. But I hate her.
Tomorrow is a big day in my bridal life.  Tomorrow, I go and collect my wedding dress and bring it down to Dublin for some alterations and what not.  I'm very very excited. I can't wait to be reunited with it. I am dying to see it again!
In other news, I never fully appreciated the effort a bride goes to prior to the wedding.  The buffing and plucking, and moving and toning and the all round care that goes into it! I have never had so many facials, been so moisturised, had such shiny hair. Nor have I ever eaten as well, moved as much and taken as many vitamins in my life!  The lovely girl that is doing my make up on the day of the wedding informed me that my eyebrows are, well, terrible!  I was growing them in order to get them threaded and shaped and what not.  So she told me that she'd do HD Brows on me.  Basically, my eyebrows were long enough, and bushy enough to whip the GHD through them.  They had taken on a caterpillar look.  And, even though they were grand and bushy, when I went to get them sorted, she told me that I have bald patches on them.  Feckin bald patches! Who knew? Not me, that's for sure! So she plucked and waxed and coloured and welded (exaggeration, but only slightly!) and now, I am the proud owner of a lovely pair of eyebrows.  They are still baldy in some places, but she used some sort of magic stuff to disguise that and has reassured me that with patients and perserverance they will not be bald in places for much longer.  I also have to throw away my tweezers.
You will notice that I haven't mentioned any losses etc etc.. well that's because I didn't go last Monday! But with good reason.  I was sending out the invitations. There was much to do and I procrastinated in going back! But I will be back on Monday. No doubts about it! I will actually have my Wedding dress in my possession and nothing will motivate me quite like that!
Here is me and my excited face getting ready to send out the invites (note the theme... excited! Poor poor H2B... he's going to be head melted by the time we get there!)
Have a great weekend people.  Enjoy your first day of spring

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