Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Weekly Verdict

I think the picture above speaks for itself, yes?  The weekly verdict is a good one. I got away with not doing anything by the skin of my teeth!! I haven't lost any weight but I haven't gained anything either, so happy days! I was so sure that when I got weighed she'd be taking my stone back from me!

On a sad note, I didn't get my paper clip for loosing a pound... well, when I say I didn't get it, I mean it wasn't given to me. So I stole it! Yep. Stole a reward for myself. I am using it as a visual to encourage me to behave while I am in mourning.  (It's OK, my leader said I could use it as a visual to keep me on track, but I had to give it back on Monday).

Yes, you heard me. In mourning. On Sunday myself and my Twinnie will be saying RIP twenties... Damn it I don't feel old enough to be turning 30! Although, this week, perhaps I do feel old enough. My joints are creaking and aching like those of an arthritic old woman of 90. I think it's my bodies way of telling me to lie down and drink some more wine.

I will be wearing my paper clip around my wrist this weekend as a reminder to eat well, drink less and try to creak around, i mean move around, more. Although I am particularly excited about a little trip to Keshk for my dinner on Friday, followed by a beautiful birthday dinner made by my Mama and my Papa on Sunday... I have requested roast beef, garlic potatoes and maybe I might even get a birthday Yorkshire pudding... I am also extremely hopeful that at some point over the weekend my Papa will light me a fire and make me his dreamy creamy mash potatoes (not necessarily at the same time)!!! Fingers are crossed!

I am under Doctors orders not to do any exercise this week. Yep.  A Doctor has actually told me that it is OK to sit down and do nothing. And you gotta do what your Doc tells you to do.  Why I hear you ask? Eh, well apparently the creaking and aching of the joints is not normal, even for someone that's nearly 30 and I may have a virus. Doing too much by way of exercise could lead to injury and my body my just need to rest a bit. We'll know more after there's blood tests taken.

I thought I was being very clever and pre-empted the need for blood tests. So I fasted last night. Woke up this morning and my stomach thought my throat had been slit.  I could literally feel my body going into famine mode. I sat in the Surgery waiting to be seen, all the while a harmonious tune emanating from my empty stomach. I'm pretty sure they could hear it at the bus stop. Which is across two roads and a car park! It was all for nought any way. The blood nurse wasn't there so I literally starved myself needlessly and when I left the surgery I fell on my breakfast like it had been 12 months since I last ate. (it was only 12 hours. I would be the worst anorexic in the world.)

I am going to do what I can to survive this weekend and am allowing myself the grace of gaining 2lb in the celebrations. That's the plan. Not to gain them, clearly, but this way I won't feel too poohy if I do, and I won't be afraid to face TSC on Monday when I get back from my family.

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