Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It has been to long

Hello there lovies! I am so sorry it has been a long time since my last blog. You might say I fell off the deflation wagon and have been caught in a shame spiral this last three weeks that has only just relinquished me!

As you know from one of my last posts, I was giving it my all in a battle for my immune system. It was all going rather well until I attended a wedding (and what a fab one it was, but more later) and decided to drink and dance the night away and stand around in the cold without a jacket on me! It's funny, even though I no longer smoke (most of the time) I still can't resist the urge to go outside and see what Craic I might be missing!

Anyway, back to the battle for my immune system. As I say, it was all going well and I was winning until flu brought in reinforcements in the form of throat infection and ear infection. I couldn't stand up to that kind of heavy artillery so between the three of them I have been knocked for six. I am only coming right now. I had a week and a half off work and then had to attend a hen weekend (which was also amazing).

All in all I haven't been weight watching very well the last few weeks. The self destruct button has well and truly been pressed and I have buried my weighing scales under some towels and sold in the hopes of ignoring its taunting cries!

Because I have been Ill I have not gotten to class. And I haven't been exercising at all. I think if I were to take off running now my legs would literally seize up!

I am officially writing off February and renaming it "F#%king February"(FF)! It's been one of the worst I've had in about 12 months (last February wasn't all that great either as I recall it)

I have been sick this month, theres been a couple of emotional dramas I could have done without, himself was sick and then to round it off nicely I was crashed into on Monday afternoon. No physical damage to me, frightened the bejaysus outta me though! And the little car needs a new bumper. All in all i'll be glad to see the back of this month!

Now! On to my reason for this blog! Deflation!

As I said, it hasn't gone too well so far this month! Exercise has been thin on the ground. In fact the only working out I've done is working out how much medicine to take or else how many more drinks I can have!

But the remainder of FF will be better! I will be going walking / jogging tomorrow regardless of the mild whip lash! And I'm back tracking and raring to go!

So onwards and upwards - or downwards in the case of what I need from the scales

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