Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm sick.. Help!

This is not good. I do not have the time to be struck with a dose. And it's actually rather upsetting because I have spent the long months of winter parading about my healthy immune system and dishing out benign and smug advice to all the sicky-sickertons around me. Advising them to 'drink Vit C' or 'Fill up on Chicken soup it will make you better' or 'Have a hot Brandy' or 'take tomorrow off, go home now and when you get there take 3 Kalms sleeping tablets, 1 sudafed, 1 Nurofen Express Max Strength and a lemsip with a shot of whiskey and sleep for 24 hours'... Disclaimer: No guarantee this one will work and I cannot be held responsible for any side effects by taking this cold cocktail, such as not waking up etc. Then BAM! 1 February, when spring has sprung I get ill!

Alas, I am not in a position to take the cold cocktail owing to being too busy. I have got a massively busy weekend ahead of me i.e. attending my cousins wedding which I am so looking forward to. So below is my line of defence to give this flu the old one two and restore myself to the proud owner of a boastfully strong immune system

Failing all this, the power of the mind is a strong thing so perhaps a little mind over matter and powering through will work. One of my best friends has managed to look after her twin boys while really ill, surely to goodness I can manage a weekend of drinking, laughing, eating and dancing!

Come to think of it, what I need to get through when ill is a piece of cake in comparison to taking care of twin boys that walk talk and need constant attention. How she manages it is really beyond me! Maybe I should just suck it up....

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